The below will work if the correlated JMX file has the message "Something went wrong. Please raise a ticket and we shall help you as soon as possible. Thanks".

Your JMX script contains the keyword "warning" and hence the challenge. Below is the workaround and the solution you can leverage to overcome this.


1. Replace all the words "warning" in your source JMX script to a different word (say "warrning" - or any word that you wish. It shouldn't be "warning". That's it!!)
2. Correlate your edited script and you can download a valid correlated JMX using JCorrelate.
3. Replace all the words "warrning" in your correlated JMX script back to "warning".


Raise a request with us to create a custom technology specific to you. We will push your correlation rules into our inventory and we will create a override for you. You will get a new technology under technology based correlation which is private to you. You can correlate your scripts directly without the above workaround.